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We are the partner for subscription commerce solutions, digital transformation, and outsourcing of marketing, sales, IT processes, and payment transactions.
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TMG, The Megalon Group AG, is a owner-managed investment company. TMG's core business is investing in companies as entrepreneurs. As an innovative hub, TMG consolidates expertise from several relevant disciplines and across various industries along the value chain. TMG is the absolute pioneer in subscription commerce and has been managing B2C customers in subscription models within its own investments for decades.
Business Areas in Our Outsourcing Hub
Within the TMG portfolio of investments, all essential business areas are represented, ranging from marketing and online marketing, sales, IT process outsourcing, to payment services for the subscription world.
Additionally, we offer services that almost every company needs.
⚡ Case Study: Medivato AG
Building a Healthcare Market Leader
In this way, we have built a market leader in the healthcare segment through holistic consulting, an on- and offline sales strategy, and a specially developed IT-ERP infrastructure.
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