It's a People-Business
Team + Player.
Our team is the core of TMG, where innovative ideas and strategic visions come to life on a daily basis.
From the direct marketing of the 90s to today's dynamic network.
Since its inception in the then-new field of direct and dialog marketing in the late 90s, TMG founders Jochen and Andreas have undergone numerous experiences, developments, and phases of growth.
A journey began with attracting their own customers for subscription models, a journey that many founders, including those at TMG, continue to navigate. Challenges – both positive and negative – along with constant reorientation and flexible responses to market conditions, remain crucial and vital even today.
However, our success is not solely based on our extensive experience in various disciplines. It is primarily the people – our colleagues and our extensive network in the industries we operate in – who significantly shape our success.
Joachim Woyke
TMG Board
Patrick Woyke
Medivato AG Board
Nicole Ohrner
Senior Project Manager Sales & Marketing
Luka Bebensee
Quantoo Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Dennis O´Hagen
CEO & Founder of The Rainmakers
Lisa-Marie Becker
Executive Assistant
Andreas Meyer
TMG Board
Andrea Capra
Managing Director of Pegasus-Direkt
Andreas Goga
Managing Director of Perfunctio GmbH
Yücel Sahan
addM GmbH Managing Director
Danijela Nienstedt
TMG Executive Assistant to the Board
Matthias Frey
TMG Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Johan van der Sluis
Head of Marketing & Sales
Sven Ahrens
Head of Operations
Jan van Riswyck
addM GmbH Managing Director
Svenja Grundlach
Consulting Assistent
A great team is waiting for you!
Ready for a challenge that expands your skills, ignites creativity, and positions you amidst innovation and excellence? TMG is the place where ambitions become reality.
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