Case Study
Medivato AG.
The case study illustrates how Medivato AG successfully expanded its position as a premium provider in the field of home emergency call systems and nursing services through strategic partnerships and targeted measures.
Building a Healthcare Market Leader in Emergency Call Systems and Care
Medivato AG is a premium provider in the healthcare segment, specializing in efficient emergency call systems and digitized offerings in the field of care. Medivato offers 24/7 emergency support coupled with an effective notification system for emergency services and family members. The portfolio also includes additional demand-oriented digital services such as care consultation and online care courses, thereby strengthening the company's market position in the health and care industry.
Faced with intense and dynamic competition in the emergency call systems sector, Medivato found itself challenged to successfully and sustainably position itself in the market. In this crucial phase, TMG, with its profound expertise in the development and implementation of business strategies and a strong network, proved to be a crucial strategic partner.
The goal
TMG led the development of Medivato from the initial conceptual phase to market entry, with the goal of optimizing and expanding the service spectrum through strategic upselling.
This targeted strategy was aimed at consolidating Medivato's market position and unlocking significant growth opportunities to generate sustainable competitive advantages in the market.
TMG played a crucial role in the early development phase of Medivato, providing both financial support and strategic guidance. This partnership began with the establishment of the business model and the development of a clear vision that prompted TMG to invest in Medivato. To effectively position Medivato in the highly competitive market, TMG took on key operational tasks, such as building a comprehensive IT infrastructure and handling payment transactions.
Furthermore, TMG established the Pflegedialog24 call center for Medivato, a communication agency specialized in the nursing and healthcare market. The goal was to assist the target audience in selecting the emergency call system and providing advice on nursing topics, with a particular focus on service coverage and billing. This went hand in hand with the implementation of outsourcing strategies in sales and the improvement of existing CRM systems to further drive digitization and digital transformation.
Medivato also collaborated with TMG's subsidiary, addm, on the development of a targeted marketing strategy focusing on performance marketing and lead generation.
Through the collaboration with TMG, Medivato also benefited from the portfolio of Megancy AG, specializing in the conception and procurement of addresses for postal mailings, further strengthening Medivato's expertise in dialogue and direct marketing.
An integral part of Medivato's business model became upselling, particularly with the introduction of online care courses and other innovative offerings. This allowed Medivato to establish itself as a premium provider and build additional revenue streams.
Outcome / Added value
The result of this comprehensive and strategic partnership between Medivato, TMG, and its network materialized in the development of a scalable business model. Medivato was not only elevated to a new level of growth but also established as one of the largest providers in the home emergency call systems sector.
This strong market positioning underscores the value of the collaboration, allowing Medivato to efficiently expand its services and adapt to the constantly changing market demands.
Patrick Woyke
Medivato AG Board
"The collaboration with the network and experts of TMG was crucial to our success. Thanks to their support, we were able to realize our vision of providing personalized solutions to our customers in restricted circumstances and offering access to demand-driven and digitized services. Additionally, we positioned ourselves as one of the market leaders in the home emergency call systems sector."